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For Teachers

Drawing from her varied experiences as an artist, author ,art teacher, nurse and mother, Gudrun enjoys tailoring each school visit to the individual students and local curriculum needs. All programs are designed to teach and encourage the student to brainstorm or develop their own themes and characters.

Presentations/ Assemblies

*Utilizing slide shows and demonstrations, Gudrun brings the stages of picture book writing and illustration alive for her young audiences. From the origin of story ideas, through storyboarding, illustration and publishing, the processes are demystified and made attainable. This assembly works on its own or is an excellent introduction to classroom projects.

*For preschool and young primary school children, a reading and slide show of The Sleep Ponies is also available.

Classroom Projects

Story Programs - After a short lesson in "Stick Figure Shorthand" and an all class story boarding exercise, each child uses their new skills to develop his/her own story ideas starting with character and setting. Using this visual and concrete method, children see instantly the power of character and detail.

Art Programs - Drawing is not a mystical talent, it can be easily learned. Drawing on the right side of the brain, learning to truly see, learning some basic tricks or approaches, all kids can learn to feel satisfaction in drawing realistically, a precursor to confidence in all aspects of fine arts.

Story Related Art Projects include

* Develop your own character. * Guided lesson in drawing a favorite character * Develop a dummy page for an existing story. * Draw yourself into a favorite story.

"Stick Figure Shorthand"

Examples used to brainstorm storyboard ideas:






Award-Winning Artist- Oil painter and sculptor for the past 15 years

Art Teacher- Ten years at a private art center in Bothell, Washington, teaching preschool through high school art classes in a variety of mediums.

Author/Illustrator- Acclaimed children’s full color picture books The Sleep Ponies and Sleep Pony Dreams for children 3 and up, MINDCASTLE BOOKS, 2000, $16.95

Former nurse and nurse practitioner with a Masters degree in cross-cultural nursing. Gudrun enjoyed providing care to people from a wide range of cultures and economic backgrounds.  She also developed and implemented a training program for outreach health workers in Navajo, Mexican American and Kickapoo Indian communities.

Mother of three nearly grown daughters.

Member of local and national chapters of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.


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